I am a photographer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   It seems I have been behind a camera my entire life.  My first photos were taken with an old Kodak Instamatic 135 camera in the 70's. My dad got a Canon AE-1 in the late 70's - early 80's. He allowed me to use it some when I was a kid. I got my own SLR film camera, a Canon AE-1P at age 16 as a birthday gift, probably so I would quit using my dads all the time.  I used that Canon when I was a photographer for my high school yearbook & newspaper.  While in college I worked for two of the best known Photo & Video stores in town over about a five-year period.  During which time I bought and traded my way though a long list of cameras.  After school I kind of got out of photography, just as digital photography was coming of age and just as film, unfortunately, starting to pass off into history.

I got my 1st digital SLR in about 2005, which re-sparked my interest in creative photography, but I just did not quite like the quality of digital images. Then in 2011 I upgraded to a much higher quality DSLR and have fallen back in love with photography. Since then I have become proficient in the use Photoshop LightRoom, which has been like being back in the darkroom, without all the chemicals.  I also have found my way around in Photoshop CC and continue to stay on top of leading edge of digital photo processing & editing techniques.

So that brings us to this website,  I built this so that I can share with others the photographs that I take, so that they don't just live on my computer.  I started this just to be WordPress blog site and have moved into a more full featured website complete with galleries so that customers can purchase prints in almost any size in nearly any format available. I do plan on blogging from time to time about photographic topics that I find interesting.  The blog will be mostly about post processing of the some mages that you will find in my gallery. 

If you have any needs for a photographer contact me so we can talk about working together on your project.  In addition to being a photographer, another service I can offer you is editing your photographs.  So if you have some vacation photos that need a some work, or old photos that need some touch up & restoration, I can help you with those items as well.  

If you have any questions about my site, or have any projects that we can do together, just drop me an email. 

Thank you for visiting my site.

David -  [email protected]